About Frank

Frank Lo is the founder, creative director, head designer and 3D rendering artist of MOI Interior Design Ltd., a certified professional member of the Hong Kong Professional Interior Designer Association, graduated with Interior Architecture Design BETC.

After graduation, Frank worked at the one of the top architecture rendering studio which has been devoting on professional hi-end architectural visualization about 10 years.

Over the past 10 years, Frank has earned a lot of experience in many internationally renowned project, including Residential, Commercial, Institutional projects with those developers, architecture firms and interior firms.

Since 2012, he established MOI Interior Design Ltd. to develop his own business and focus on interior design. Frank has been recognized with a number of design awards, including the

  • German Design Awards (Germany), 德國設計奬(德國)
  • 中國設博會「華鼎杯」環藝設計大賽 2018—2019 年度中國室內設計傑出青年設計師(中國)
  • 中國設博會「華鼎杯」環藝設計大賽 2018—2019 年度中國建築裝飾行業十大最具原創設計人物(機構)’(中國)
  • China Interior Design 40under40 (Hong Kong), 40under40 中国設計傑出青年(香港)
  • Nest Award (China), 築巢獎(中國)
  • Sky Design Awards (Japan), 天空設計奬(日本)
  • REA Interior Design Awards (Hong Kong), REA 室內設計大奬(香港)
  • Asia Design Prize (Korea), 亞洲設計獎(韓國)
  • A&D China Awards (Hong Kong), A&D 建+設大奬(香港)
  • HK Pro ID Awards (Hong Kong), 香港專業室內設計大奬(香港)

In 2019, Frank was made by a fellowship nomination of “Social Enterprise Research Academy”.

Frank’s philosophy of design is not about how the size of the space is, how brilliant the design is and how expensive the material is. It is all about the “SOUL”. He hopes his design is based on what the clients need and desire which create their own dream houses. The design is able to reach by everyone simply and everyone deserves to have its masterpiece as relaxing when home after busy work. The best design is always providing a comfortable and suitable living style to us.